for dads

Dads can often feel like they are sidelined in the whole birthing process, and don't know what they are meant to be doing or how to best support their partners through labour. 

The HypnoBirthing course  makes dads and birth companions an integral part of the birthing experience. Dads learn techniques to support their partners through their journey and they realise that they have an important role to play in the outcome of their partners birth. 

One of my favourite parts of teaching the HypnoBirthing course is seeing the journey the dads go on throughout the course, and seeing them grow in their belief of themselves to be able to support mum in a positive way.

Here is what one of the dads had to say after the birth of his baby girl.

"Thank you so much for doing the course with us Tammie. It really did make a huge difference to our birthing experience and enabled Sam to finally have the natural calm birth she has always longed for. I was only able to help and support Sam effectively thanks to what we learned in your course, otherwise I'm sure i would have just been there panicking!"