Gentle Birth Videos

The amazing birth of Kingsley from a HypnoBirthing mum

What Babies Want

An amazing video about babies and how much they know and feel even before they are born.

Post Natal Depletion

Being a new mum often  leaves you feeling exhausted, emotional and suffering from baby brain (forgetfulness).Not only do you feel this way, but it is often just explained as the way new mums are meant to feel. 

Looking after your health and well-being after birth is just as important as it was during pregnancy. 

Here Kira and Jacque share their stories on their experience with post natal depletion, what to do about it and how they overcame it to now be living an inspired, and happy life!


Birth Preferences

Having your birth preferences prepared and going over these with your care provider is such an important step to take.

I love this visual birth preferences sheet as it is easy to see for your midwife and care provider once you are in labour, and they don't have to spend time reading through it all to know what you want.

visual birth preferences (pptx)